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Covid-19 and your holidays

Here are some questions and answers to help you prepare for your holiday.

In the current Covid-19 context, you may be questioning the wisdom of going on a holiday. The season will go ahead, the resorts are committed to your safety, comfort and well-being. However, you may be wondering how the resorts will deal with sanitary protocol, management of disinfecting accommodation, animation, etc... You will find the answers to some of your questions below.

Should I go on a holiday?

Yes, of course! We have been living with this epidemic for many months now and have learnt to adapt our behaviour accordingly by washing our hands, using hydroalcoholic gel and social distancing. To make the most of your holiday, all you have to do is continue these, now normal and everyday hygiene practices. Also, don’t forget that in the mountains, it’s easy to limit your risk of infection by being outside in the great outdoors, far from the crowds.

What about the cleanliness of my rental property, how can we be sure that it has been properly disinfected?

Your hosts have put in place very strict sanitary protocols which have been proven to work during the summer months. Respecting national security recommendations is in everyone's interest; yours, ours and your landlord's, so you can take possession of your rental in complete confidence. For total peace of mind, think about using disinfecting wipes to wipe down points of contact such as door handles and light switches. Don’t hesitate to use the same good practices on holiday as at home.

What will happen on the chair lifts? Will I have to wear a mask?

All chair lifts are considered as a mode of public transport, like buses, trains and the underground, as such it is obligatory to wear a mask on all lifts. The upside to this is that the majority of lifts are in the open air so the mask will keep you warm! You can also use it on the resort shuttle and other buses.

Will there be any entertainment organised by the resort?

The 2020 summer season has proved that it is possible to hold certain events by adapting them slightly. Events will take place but will be adapted for your security and wellbeing. Certain events may however, have to be cancelled and replaced by others but rest assured that the tourist office team are already working on exciting alternatives. Thanks to their determination and imagination, you won’t be disappointed!

What will happen in the evening?

Again, unless government restrictions are put in place changing currents rules, you can drink your mulled wine at the bar, whilst respecting hygiene barriers. Wash your hands, Wash your hands, Wash your hands…the current mantra! To be followed without moderation! Exactly the same for The Savoyard Evenings in the restaurants, you can go and eat a delicious fondue with friends as long as you don’t put the fondue fork directly from the pot to your mouth then back into the pot, which we shouldn’t do even under normal circumstances!
Will covid-19 change our fondue nights forever????

What should I do if I fall ill whilst on holiday?

The simple answer : Exactly the same thing as you would do at home. See a doctor and follow their advice. Medical centres and pharmacies can be found in nearly all resorts. Health care professionals in the mountains are adapting just as well as the health care personnel in the city. Hospitals are also located close to the resorts, often in the valley. Whether it’s for a usual ailment or Covid-19 symptoms, see a doctor as soon as possible and follow their advice.

Will I find masks and hydroalcoholic gel in the resort?

Of course! Gone are the days of mask and gel shortages, in the mountains as well as in the towns. Whether in pharmacies or mini-supermarkets, you will easily find these 2 essential and trendy products!

Will I be able to make the most of all the services usually offered?

Under the current health measures imposed by the Regional Health Agency, certain services usually offered by chalets and hosts may be subject to restrictions or temporary closures, for example: restaurants and catering, swimming pools, gyms, spa areas (saunas, hammams, whirlpool baths, treatment rooms etc). These measures may change depending on the health situation and on decisions taken by the authorities. Reimbursement only for the days not stayed, if the decision is taken during the reserved dates (cleaning costs could be charged).

What will happen if I have to cancel my holiday due to Covid-19 restrictions?

Total reimbursement of the entire stay* in case of :
- confinement or a cluster (a high number of cases) of Covid-19 in your hometown or holiday destination.
- movement restrictions, limited to 100 km from home, for example.
- border closures of the client's country of origin or France on the holiday dates reserved.
- quarantine imposed in the town or country of origin
- closure of the resort or residence, chalet or hotel on the holiday dates reserved.

These governmental or prefectural measures must be in force the day before your arrival date. Proof from the public authorities will be requested. Depending on your country of origin, it is up to you to find out about the health measures in force before you arrive and during your trip.

PLEASE NOTE : If you cancel because you have been unfortunate enough to contract Covid-19, the usual general terms and conditions of sale will apply = no refund of your booking EXCEPT if you have taken out the cancellation insurance proposed at the time of your reservation on our site Montagne-vacances.com, see step “Details & options”

*If the ski resort is open but the ski lifts are closed, the refund request on accommodation part will be refused.
*Refund of the non-consumed services if the French Government measures apply during the stay.
*The cancellation insurance premium (if taken out) remain due and booking fees too.

What is a "Pass Sanitaire" (Health Passport)?

A French Governement Decree was passed on July 20th, 2021 restricting the access to leisure and cultural venues such as cafés, restaurants, swimming-pools, cinemas, theatres, stadium, concerts, wellness and fitness centres to those who can provide a "Pass Sanitaire" / Health Passport. Pass will also be required for long-distance trains, buses and domestic flights (subject to new French government terms in the coming weeks).

During summer 2021, the Health Pass indicates that the holder :

- is fully vaccinated against Covid-19, (in France it means one week after the final dose of Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca vaccine, or 28 days after a Johnson &Johnson vaccine)
- has recovered from the virus within the last 6 months
- or has tested negative in the past 72 hours with either a PCR or antigen test.

It is required for anyone over 18 years old till the end of August and should be extended to children between 12 and 17 at the end of the summer.

Health Pass can be either digital via TousAntiCovid App, or on a paper verion with QR Code.

Where can I get tested in France?
To find the closest test center, please check below link (information only in French): https://www.sante.fr/cf/centres-depistage-covid.html

Which establishments are affected by the Health Pass in France?

From July 21st, 2021, the Decree specifies that in France:

- Hotel Club, Residence Club, holiday villages, campsites with swimming pools, restaurants and entertainment areas will require the Health Pass on arrival for customers from 18 years old.

- Establishments including common areas (reception, swimming pool, hammam, sauna, etc.) accommodating more than 50 people are also affected by the Health Pass .

Other establishments set up a limit of 49 people to access to common areas. In this case, the Health Pass will not be compulsory.

Health Pass can be either digital via TousAntiCovid App, or on a paper verion with QR Code.

The health pass will only apply to adults until August 31, subject to new conditions imposed by the French government.

Normally, it will not be necessary to present again this Health Pass during the stay in the establishment. However, a Health Pass may also be requested from customers by the various service providers in the town or mountain resort (cafes, bars, restaurants, cinemas, museums, municipal swimming pools, zip lines, etc...), independently of the control carried out in the establishment.

In the event of a failure noticed by the staff during checking in the establishment, access to common facilities will be strictly prohibited to these customers and they will be asked to regularize their situation in order to be able to benefit from the services offered.

No reimbursement request in case of non-compliance with these rules. In the event of cancellation request by the customer, the current general conditions will be applied.

Please make sure to contact your accommodation front desk before arrival to know whether Health Pass is compulsory or not to enter the resicdence.

Lastest news please check: Info Coronavirus Covid-19 - « Pass sanitaire » | Gouvernement.fr

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