I respect the nature, I ski clean !

Don't throw our waste on the skiable domain. The summer, they are high mountain pastures for cows and sheeps. Let us respect the environment!

Life cycle of the waste in the nature
Tissue 3 months Newspaper 3 to 12 months
Match 6 months Butt of cigarette 1 to 5 years
Chewing-gum 5 years Paper of candies 5 years
Skin of fruits 3 months Can 50 years
Plastic lighter 100 years Mercury crushes 200 years
Aluminium box 100 to 500 years Plastic bottle 100 to 1000 years
Polythene bag 450 years Expanded polystyrene 1000 years
Phone card 1000 years Ski pass 1000 years
Glass 4000 years

Ski Planet joins to Mountain Riders the sensibilization and the education in the environmental protection. The ecological association combines snowboarders, skiers, walkers...every passionate persons of mountain and mobilized for assuring its sustainable development